Hopp til hovedinnhold

Welcome to our project launch

Eidsvoll 1814 welcomes all to a series of debates and lectures in connection with the launch of the museum's exciting new project about the two oldest constitutions still in force.

  • Montage John Trumbull and Oscar Wergeland. Eidsvoll 1814.

The event will stretch over two days, starting Saturday November 24th at the National Library in Oslo. The following day the venue will be in Wergeland’s house at Eidsvoll 1814. 

For a proper project launch, we have invited leading commentators from both sides of the Atlantic to shed light on the historical origin, practical use and political importance of both the Norwegian and the US Constitution. We will also try to map out the contemporary status of the documents that have long underpinned the political order and institutions of power in our two different societies.

We are pleased to introduce the following speakers for the event on Saturday:

Lillian Cunningham, reporter at the Washington Post and maker of the podcast series Constitutional. Max Edling, leading constitutional historian, based at King’s College in London, Anine Kierulf, prominent scholar in Norwegian constitutional law, as well as commentators Gudleiv Forr, Jan Arild Snoen, Ketil Raknes and Henrik Heldahl.

On Sunday there will be given three talks on the historical period when the two constitutions was written, respectively 1787 and 1814. Join us and hear Philip Mead, chief historian at the The Museum of the American Revolution i Philadelphia, Bård Frydenlund, director at Eidsvoll 1814, as well as a second talk by constitutional historian Max Edling.

The events will take place at the National Library in Oslo from 2pm-4-pm Saturday the 24th, and at the museum Eidsvoll 1814 from 6pm - 8pm Sunday the 25th of November. 

More information about the new constitutional project at Eidsvoll 1814 can be found here: